DYFL Suspended

The Dorset Youth Football League (DYFL) have made the following announcement:

Due to the Government announcement on Tiers within Dorset and the area that the DYFL covers, we have clubs in both tiers.  Even through Youth games can be played in both tiers (Tier 3 – Dorset and Tier 4 – BCP, as long they are within the same tier.) 

The league have decided to suspend the League for 2 weeks, our decision process was the following:

  1. Schools are being staggered back and the Government announced that ‘all children should be back to school by 18th January’.
  2. Some Teams may have children in the same team, that may live in either tiers.
  3. Some Coaches may live in a different tier to the clubs they coach.

This also gives the League time to look at the fixtures and amend the fixtures.  Teams for the following 2 weeks (after we resume) will be playing games against opposition that are in the same tier.

The League will recommence on the weekend of the 23rd/24th January 2021.

This covers all DTYFC sides from Under 11 to Under 16 (Girls and Mixed). Training is still allowed for these sides. However, players or coaches from Tier 4 areas, will not be able to take part in these sessions.

The Dorset Football League has also been suspended. This includes the Under 18 divisions in which DTYFC has a side, resulting in their fixtures also being postponed until further notice.

If and when we receive further guidance, all managers will be notified as well as posts on our website and social media pages.