DTYFC prides itself on high quality, safe coaching for all your budding stars. We would be delighted to hear from you if you want your child to be part of an ever growing Dorchester Town Youth football club.

Joining any club involves commitment! But it’s not all work, when you join clubs you meet many others who share the same interest. In this case is football! You’ll meet new friends, school friends; you may even meet some famous footballers and, maybe, become famous yourself! With top class folks to coach and support you’re every tackle and goal.

Dorchester Town Youth FC has teams over a range of age groups  with members starting from reception. We are always looking for players and   as a club are dedicated to providing football for as many children as is physically possible.

The club has in place an elected committee, consisting of parents and volunteers   who are responsible for the management of all affairs of each and every youth   team. We have a constitution, rules and codes of conduct which all officials,   members and parents should adhere to.

Our website will be able to provide you with some in-depth information   on what the youth football club in the county town of Dorset is all about! Find   out who runs what team and which department. Contact your manager, the Chairman   or the website administrator! All you need to know is right here. Click on any   of the links to find out more or get in touch if there’s something here that’s   not mentioned that you need to know!