If you are looking to contact a particular team please find the relevant email address below.

If you are enquiring about joining a team please be aware that some teams will be fully subscribed. We prefer players to play in their age group but they are permitted to play ‘up a year’ – i.e. for the next older age group, but this is at the managers discretion.

We have a number of girls only teams but they can also join a mixed group (all the other teams).

NEW (March 2023): We are looking to start a new u15s Girls team for the 23/24 season. If you are interested please contact Sandy Gill on sandylard123@gmail.com

2023/24 Season

Age 5/6 – (School year reception / year 1, born after 1/9/2017)

We run a reception group to introduce young players to the game.

Jon White: receptiondtyfc@gmail.com

Under 7’s (School year 2, born 1/9/2016 to 31/8/2017)

Magpies u7’s 

Dan King: dan.emma.king@outlook.com

Raiders u7’s

Chris Burling : topperburling@google.com

Stars u7’s 

Llywelyn Reed: llywelyn.reed@gmail.com

Under 8’s (School year 3, born 1/9/2015 to 31/8/2016)

Magpies u8’s 

Charlie Mentern : charlie.mentern1992@outlook.com

Darren Bishop : darren.bishop2127@gmail.com

Raiders u8’s

Kai Hawker : kaihawker@gmail.com

Dynamos u8’s

Tom Parkes : tparkes1989@gmail.com 

Stars u8’s

Michelle Upshall : maupshall@gmail.com 

Under 9’s (School year 4, born 1/9/2014 to 31/8/2015)

Girls u9s

Billie Jo: Billie-jo94@hotmail.co.uk

Magpies u9’s 

Matt Membury : mattmembury@hotmail.co.uk

Raiders u9’s

Alan Scard : alanscard76@sky.com

Panthers u9’s

Matt Beaven : dtyfc.football@gmail.com

Under 10’s (School year 5, born 1/9/2013 to 31/8/2014)

Raiders u10’s

Tim Coulson : timcoulson77@outlook.com

Stars u10’s 

Michael Gravelle : mgravelle7649@gmail.com

Magpies u10’s

Gavin Read : bluesread@yahoo.co.uk

Under 11’s (School year 6, born 1/9/2012 to 31/8/2013)

Girls u11’s

Chris Denis: chris211093@hotmail.co.uk

Panthers u11’s

James Lock: lockstock40@googlemail.com

Stars u11’s

Jorge Diaz : jbdiaz2004@gmail.com

Raiders u11’s 

James Male : rockadin@live.co.uk

Magpies u11’s 

Chris Dennis : chris211093@hotmail.co.uk

Under 12’s (School year 7, born 1/9/2011 to 31/8/2012)

Stars u12’s

Luke Barnett: luke.barnett@mail.com

Magpies u12’s

Keith Legg : kllegg@btinternet.com

Raiders u12’s

Matt Payne : mattpayne160389@gmail.com

Dynamos u12’s

Luke Hiller : lukehillier19@gmail.com

Under 13’s (School year 8, born 1/9/2010 to 31/8/2011)

Magpies u13’s Girls 

Keith Legg : kllegg@btinternet.com

Magpies u13’s

Dave Crane : vwcrane1@hotmail.co.uk

Raiders u13’s 

Simon Davey : simondavey1986@gmail.com

Dynamos u13’s

Ash James : ashley@manorparkflooring.co.uk

Under 14’s (School year 9, born 1/9/2009 to 31/8/2010)

Swifts u14’s

Dan Udell : beefudell@hotmail.com

Raiders u14’s 

Martin Rawlings : mart0913@hotmail.com

Dynamos u14’s

Mark Challinor : dtfc.dynamos@gmail.com

Under 15’s (School year 10, born 1/9/2008 to 31/8/2009)

Magpies u15’s Girls 

Sandy Gill : sandylard123@gmail.com

Magpies u15’s 

Keith Legg : kllegg@btinternet.com

Stars u15’s

Dan Andrews : dan@minterngroup.com

Under 16’s (School year 11, born 1/9/2007 to 31/08/2008)

Swifts u16’s

Nathan Gill : nathancoling@icloud.com

Raiders u16’s

Andrew Prowse : greenprowse@hotmail.com